2013 BGS(Blackcomb Glacier Style)出演は、今、最も旬なジャパニーズ・ジバーの一人RYOKI、そしてオリンピックのメダル候補のトースタイン・ホグモ。


2013 BGS(Blackcomb Glacier Style)

This clips from during the summer 2013 in Blackcomb Glacier, Whistler Blackcomb
(or Blackcomb Mountain), Canada.
Featuring an attractive park session with pro riders and young guns that will give you
an idea to spend your life next summer.

Featuring the riding of Ryoki Ogawa, Torstein Horgmo, Tyler Nicholson, Logan Short,
Eric Willett, Oka Keijiro, Maxcence Parrot, and Breg Richenberg

Edited by: Shintaro Okura
Filmed by: Fusaki Iida