Tick TockXスポーツ系ウォッチブランド「Freestyle」の初となるフルレングス チームムービー「Tick Tock」のティーザーが公開された。
Check it out!

Our Riders:
Ricky Bates
Jake Black
Ross Patton
BJ Linne
Luke Haddock
Shaun Murphy
Spencer Link
Nick Sibayan
Joachim Krogstie
Hakon L’Orange
OC Haugen
Thomas Haugen
Spencer Whiting
Patrick Waddell
Jon Strader
Ryan Pluche
Devin Allen
Davis Paul
Nick Rockwood
Geoff Isringhausen
and Friends.

Film Crews:
I Heart Snow Productions - Ian Post
NDifferent Films - Jameson Walter
GrowUP - Wojtek Targosz, Sam Tuor, Greg Saunders
Mt. High Media - Travis Neuroth
Freestyle Media - Davis Paul

Director of Photography: Nick Meistrell
Team Manager: Chad LaBass, Davis Paul
Director/Editor/Blah,Blah: Davis Paul
Shot With: Tons of Stuff (Shout Out to the 5D though)
Song: Tonite Only - This is Where the Party’s At
Song Sources: spartytunes.com